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silicon dioxideCAS: 14808-60-7

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Quick Details
Synonyms: Quartz [Silica, crystalline];Quartz dust;Silica, crystalline quartz;Silica, crystalline, quartz;Silica, crystalline: quartz;Silicates (<1% crystalline silica):Graphite, natural;Quartz (SiO2);Silica, crystalline - quartz; Classification: Food & Feed Additives
EINECS: 215-684-8 Molecular Formula: O2Si
Melting Point: 1610 °C(lit.) Boiling Point: 2230 °C
Stability: Stable. Water Solubility: insoluble in water
Refractive index: n20/D 1.544(lit.) Flash Point:
Purity: 99.9% Appearance: It is white or colorless powder.
HazardClass: Brand Name:
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: 25kgs/pp bag or craft paper bag
Delivery Detail: within 2weeks after order confirmation
Detailed Description

Silicon dioxide
1:Product Description
Name: Silicon Dioxide
Physical&properties: it is white or colourless;the type with the higher iron content is pale yellow color; it divides into two forms:Colloid silicon and wet silicon as per the difference of technics.
A:colloid silicon is white, fluffy,non-sandy, hygroscopic powder. B:wet silicon is white powder or like white micro focally vacuolated particles,fluffy,hygroscopic or absorb the moisture from the air. Relative density is 2.2~2.6, melting point is 1710℃; insoluble in the water, acid, organic solvent, soluble in the hydrofluoric acid and hot strong alkali liquor. BET will reach to 410g/ square meter.
2:Quality Indexes(HG 2791--1996 standard):
Items  Indexes
Type  (Food Grade) (Medical Grade)
Appearance  White powder  White powder
Whiteness  Equal to sample  Equal to sample
Content of silicon dioxide(drying goods)% ≥99.9 ≥99.9
PH value  6.5-7.5 6.5-7.5
BET(specific surface area ) 230-260 230-280
DBPml/100g 300-320 ≥350
Average particle size (um) ≤3 ≤5
Moisture content 2% 3%
Refractive index  1.10 1.10
Lead content  0.001mg/kg 0.001mg/kg
Arsenic content(as As) 0.0003mg/kg 0.0003mg/kg
Other Heavy metals(as Pb) ≤0.003% ≤0.003%

3:Application & features(absorb water and promote flow)
*Feed grade: in the feed industry as a anti-caking agent, absorbent or used as carrier of choline, copper sulphate, pre-mixture.
*Food& Medical grade: as anti-caking agent;Suspended mixed agent; defoamer; carrier;thickener; filter acid,clarifying agent for wheat essence beverage, wine, soy sauce, vinegar, cool and refreshing drink etc;Adsorption desiccant for flavors and fragrances;also be used as the carrier of the fat-soluble nutrition additive; and carrier for the other herbal extract.
*Silicon rubber: can greatly improve the silicone rubber anti-aging, recovery and compression deformation resistance performance. *Tyre: Used in tire surface can significantly reduce the tire rolling resistance, strengthen wetland and ice to catch the tyres.
*Sole:Reinforcing the filler of rubber sole, reinforcing function is close to carbon black, and give rubber products light color, transparent performance.(the suggested dosage is 1--3‰ as per country's standard)
Precipitated silica(Hydration silica, active silica, light silica, precipitation silica and precipitation hydration silica; white carbon black )
Molecular formula:SiO2 * nH2O
CAS No.:14464-46-1
Precipitated silica is a high-tech inorganic fine chemical products, the main component SiO2. Performance is similar to the carbon black, the appearance is white ,amorphous and fine powder , light quality, the original particle size is below 0.3 um, the relative density is 2.319 ~ 2.653, the melting point is 1750 ℃; it will form the fine particles after the moisture absorption and polymerization,with a high insulation, insoluble in water and acid; Soluble in caustic soda and hydrofluoric acid, it does not decompose under high temperature ;absorb moisture;and active ingredients of matrix and additives shows chemical inert, vitamin, hormone, fluoride, antibiotics, enzyme preparation commonly used in cosmetics and many of the active ingredient has good compatibility. Because of it has porous, and a large specific surface area, in raw rubber in have greater scattered force. Fill in the rubber in show high corroborative ness.
White carbon black is white powder X-ray amorphous silicate products, is mainly refers to precipitate silica, gas phase silica, ultrafine silicon dioxide gel and gel, including synthetic aluminum silicate powder and calcium silicate, etc. Silica is porous material, its composition can be used SiO2 * nH2O said, which is nH2O surface hydroxyl exists in the form of. Soluble in treatments and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in water, solvents and acid (hydrofluoric acid except). High temperature resistant, non-flammable, tasteless, odorless, has the very good electrical insulation.
Fumed silica is white amorphous translucent solid glue shape the floe nanoparticles (size less than 100 nm), non-toxic, have huge specific surface area (100 ~ 400 m2 / g) (use F-Sorb 2400 specific surface area instrument BET method test). Fumed silica is all nano-silica, product purity of 99%, particle size can reach up to 10 to 20 nm, but preparation process is complex, the price is high.
4:Package: 25kg/pp bag or 25kg/craft paper bag
5:Storage&Shipment: keep the goods in the dry,ventilated place;don't shipment with other chemicals together.

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